Experience the AUTHENTIC Wild Coast!

Rustic, Alternative, Off the Grid and Eco Minded!


Wake up to mind-blowing views of the ocean, beach, rare mangroves and forest-lined Mdumbi River!

This small, rustic, eco-minded family-run spot lies on the eastern side of the Mdumbi River mouth and is located in the rural Pondo village of Mngcibe in a remote and primitive region of the Wild Coast.

The incredible views and access to the beach and river makes this an ideal laid back place to visit for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who don’t mind roughing it a bit in this unspoilt rural area.

Discovering the safe, secluded, pristine beaches, river estuaries, rare white mangrove swamps and other Wild Coast treasures make the 2 hour trip from the main road well worth it.  Coffee Bay is just 45 minutes drive away and there is a very scenic 3 hour hike between Coffee Bay and Mdumbi.

Freedom O Clock is owned and managed by Otto, Lu and little Coral-Bella, who all have a great love for nature and the ocean.  "We love hanging out with guests, sharing info on the area , enjoying a cold one on the deck while watching astonishing sunsets and sharing stories about the days adventure around the fire." 

It must be noted that Freedom O Clock is completely off the grid and rely only on harvesting rain water. The area has no electricity and we make use of solar power for lights, gas for fridge, freezer and stove and paraffin for showers.

For those who have not yet traveled to the Wild Coast it should be pointed out that you will be traveling in an under-developed region.  The variety and quality of goods and services you may be accustomed to are not always readily available.  We are set in a remote and primitive region, where even the provision of fresh water can not be taken for granted.  If you prefer luxury to comfortable living then the Freedom O Clock may not be for you.

Freedom O Clock is a responsible 420Friendly / Cannabis friendly establishment.  

* 420 Friendly in its weakest sense means tolerance and acceptance of those who do like to partake in the cannabis plant. Sort of like “I don’t, thanks, but I don’t mind if you do.”   Remember, many tourists are from countries where the use of cannabis is legal and they are allowed to use it either for recreationa and/or medicinal purposes.