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please take note

  • We mainly rely on natural resources for our water supply and energy.

  • We use solar powered batteries for lights and charging of electronic devices.

  • Make sure to bring a car charger for your phone if you have one.

  • We run a generator for other applications.  Should you wish to make use of the generator you can either bring along your own unleaded fuel or buy from the local spaza at R80.00 per 5litre.

  • Fridge, Freezers and Stoves run on gas.

  • Stay overs with traditional Xhosa families can be arranged.



     what to bring along:

  • Drinking water

  • A Torch (preferably a head torch)

  • Bath and beach towels

  • Light rain jacket

  • Sun screen

  •  Mozzie Repellant – really not a big issue – we seldom have mozzies

  • Swimming and beach gear

  • Fishing rods, throw net and tackle (river, beach and rocks)

  • Bait (quite hard to come by - freezing of bait can be arranged)

  • Surf gear

  • Diving and snorkeling gear

  • Beach / Camp chairs

  • Beach / water toys for the kids

  • Car charger for your phone / electronic devices

  • Wood can be purchased from the locals, but we recommend that you bring your own or charcoal.  Unfortunately the indigenous forests are being wiped out.

  • Petrol for generator if you need to run it at random.

Although nobody likes traveling with cash it is advisable to bring along what you think you will need (small change and not too many large notes).  The nearest ATM is a 1 hour drive away.  You might need cash for beer, seafood, local crafts, tips for traditional dancers, horse rides, canoe hire or guided hikes.

Please, please, please do not bring sweets along to hand out to children on the side of the road.  Local teachers are trying very hard to teach them not to ask for hand-outs.  Not only this, but it is bad for their teeth and we do not have any dentists in the area.

If you would like to assist the community in some way, you can bring along old clothes, toys, soccer balls, dog food, fishing gear and tools or anything else you might think the local residents could benefit from.... even fancy sweet wrappers are used in the decoration of their woven grass mats J

To experience the true beauty of Mdumbi we advise at least a 2 night stay, unless you are already in the area, or your next destination is close by. We are situated off the beaten track (that’s the beauty of it) with about a 2 hour drive off the main national road.

For those who have not yet traveled to the Wild Coast it should be pointed out that you will be traveling in an under-developed region.  The variety and quality of goods and services you may be accustomed to are not always readily available.  We are set in a remote and primitive region, where even the provision of fresh water can not be taken for granted.  Taking this into account we aim to achieve the highest possible standards and we feel it is best to make you aware of this.

If you prefer luxury to comfortable living then the Wild Coast may not be for you.


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