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A fact...... as beautiful and tranquil, so it also comes with its hardships.... lack of government and local municipal assistance, unreliable public health services, no access to information, and so on and so on....

It would be very hard for anyone with access to information and a bit of "know how" to live here and not WANT to make a change.

For this reason, together with some local community members we have formed an organisation called iCebo (A plan).  We have been registered as a Non-Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development and aim to tackle the following issues:

  • Our first priority is to set up a pre-school (ages 3 - 6).   This would also involve training some of the locals as qualified pre-school teachers.

  • Community library / media centre which can double as a youth centre for kids to attend after school educational assistance and activities as well as a adult education centre in the future.

  • Health, Hygiene and HIV awareness

  • Environmental education

  • Agricultural projects and assistance for farmers

  • Skills development workshops and training

  • Tool Bank - there is a desperate need for tools and garden / farming equipment.  Personally we've spent a fortune on equipment and it being impossible to say NO when someone asks to borrow a hammer, wheel barrow, saw etc... we've found that we've been through quite a few of each... Our idea is to assist the locals to collect and build up some kind of a "tool bank" where all tools in the bank are allowed to be used as long as a returnable deposit is put down it.

  • Clothes bank - community members will have access to the clothes bank when needed.  This means that the entire community will benefit and not just one particular household as or when visitors to the area hand out bags of clothes.

  • And the list goes on.....


Lu on 082 795 3944
or email donations@icebo.org.za
should you wish to assist in ANY way. 


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