Experience the AUTHENTIC Wild Coast!

Rustic, Alternative, Off the Grid and Eco Minded!



The cosy kitchen is communal which makes for social evenings.  It consists of a fridge/freezer, chest freezer, gas stove, and the usual kitchen goodies.  It offers limited space for self-catering and we suggest that everyone joins in for the Freedom O Clock dinner of the day.  We serve delicious home cooked dinners daily (vegetarian & vegan options available) as well as breakfasts and lunches.


Ablutions are communal with flush toilets and rocket shower.  The shower runs off paraffin and takes only 30 seconds for the water to heat up.  PLEASE NOTE : All our water comes from the rain only.  Showering is a luxury in an area such as this and we would like to provide all our guests with this luxury all the time.  Please consider this and don't just take random showers before going for a swim or just because you're cold after a swim.  Please brief your entire group (especially kids) on this matter. Showers are DEFINITELY limited to 1 per person per day.  



Enjoy chilling on the deck with insanely beautiful views of the river, beach, ocean and Tshani point while watching dolphins and whales play.   Freedom O Clock boasts a beautiful indigenous garden with loads of trees and nooks and crannies to explore.  Find a tree to relax under and enjoy your book or a quiet afternoon nap...