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Accommodation - Wild Coast. Experience the beauty at Freedom O Clock Backpackers in Mdumbi. Relax in basic, but comfortable rooms, explore the scenic surroundings, and enjoy activities like surfing, fishing and hiking. Visit us at Freedom O Clock where you can also work remotely in a quiet and relaxed environment. Contact us for extended-stay discounts.

Wild Coast - Mdumbi / Tshani Point - Good Surf During Winter Months!

Freedom O Clock is owned and managed by Otto, Lu and little Coral-Bella, who all have a great love for nature and the ocean. “We love hanging out with guests, sharing info on the area, enjoying a cold one on the deck while watching astonishing sunsets and sharing stories about the days adventure around the fire.”

Wake up to mind-blowing views of the ocean, beach, rare mangroves and forest-lined Mdumbi River!  
This small, family-run gem of a holiday spot lies on the eastern side of the Mdumbi River mouth and is located in the rural Pondo village of Mngcibe, Eastern Cape, Wild Coast.

Experience Rural
Living At Its Best

We will help you experience the WILD COAST life in its true sense. From exploring the beautiful Mdumbi river to eating authentic seafood delicacies, you are sure to go home with memories and wonderful moments.

Wild Coast Oysters - Organic And Delicous and Sustainably Harvested.

The incredible views and access to the beach and river in this un-spoilt rural area makes this an ideal laid back place to visit for families, friends, couples and all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.  Freedom O Clock can sleep 17 people indoors and also offer camping space.

Discovering the safe, secluded, pristine beaches, river estuaries, rare white mangrove swamps and other Wild Coast treasures make the 2 hour trip from the main road well worth it.  Coffee Bay is just 45 minutes drive away and there is a very scenic 3 hour hike between Coffee Bay and Mdumbi.

Facilities & Amenities

If you are looking for a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience altogether, we offer all of that under one roof.

Communal Kitchen

The cosy, well equipped kitchen is communal which makes for social evenings and consists of a fridge/freezer, small fridge, chest freezer, gas stoves, and all the usual kitchen goodies.

Catered Option

We serve delicious home cooked dinners daily (vegetarian & vegan options available) as well as breakfasts and lunches. We have an amazing pizza oven and serve delicious homemade pizzas.


The kitchen and ablution areas are fully serviced, so no need to do dishes while on holiday. Bedrooms are serviced on request. Handwashing laundry service available.


Ablutions are communal with flush toilets and hot shower.
PLEASE NOTE : We rely on rain water only, so please keep showers down to 1 per day and keep them brief.


Enjoy chilling on the deck surrounded by our beautiful indigenous garden with insanely beautiful views of the river, beach, ocean and Tshani point while watching dolphins and whales play.


Yes, in the middle of nowhere we are able to offer you free wi-fi and the download and upload speed is fast enough so you will be able to connect with your tribe or work remotely.

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420 freedom lane
Mdumbi River Mouth Mngcibe Village
Lower Lwandile
Ngqeleni District